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Accelerator in applied research and knowledge transfer


About us


Synchronex is a group of college technology transfer centers (CCTTs) and innovative social practices (PSN). Our mission is to promote the development and influence of our members in order to contribute to the economic and social growth of all regions of Québec as well as that of research at the college level.

Board of Directors

Our vision

In 2022, Synchronex will be the Québec reference in integrated innovation. Thanks to its 1300 experts, the organization is located in all regions of the province and its members are recognized for their innovation excellence, impact on businesses and organizations, and the development of highly qualified talent.

Board of directors

Our values

Dialogue Synchronex is defined by its members and the networking opportunities it creates between them. Collaboration, teamwork, partnership, networking and synergy are at the heart of everything Synchronex does. Respect Synchronex is a group of CCTTs with their own cultures and way of doing things. While seeking to create synergies between members, the network respects at all times the difference and strengths of its members. Efficiency In everything it does, Synchronex favours simplicity, a great member experience, speed of execution and a sense of priorities. It fosters the search for relevance and maximizes the value provided to its members. Fairness In managing its priorities, Synchronex acts in all fairness. It recognizes the diversity of its members and takes into account their realities in order to adapt its operations and improve both member cohesion and the network’s development Leadership Synchronex plays a dynamic leadership position to raise awareness about the network, highlights its positioning in Québec’s economy, carries out its initiatives with rigor, and fully understands the challenges with respect to innovation.

Board of directors

Our history

Registered in 1992, the Regroupement des centres spécialisés du Québec (RCSQ) brought together 9 member centers in its early days. Renamed Réseau Trans-tech in 1995, its managed networking, advocacy and dialogue activities that shaped this association over the years. Revamping its name and image in 2019, Synchronex continues to serve its members and encourage their input on current issues.

Board of directors

Synchronex is:


College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTTs)


experts at the service of innovation


of customers are SMEs


of customers believe to have improved their innovative ability


What is a CCTT?

College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTTs) are the applied research centers of Québec CEGEPs and colleges. Their mission is to support your company or organization in innovation by:

  • Technical support: the assistance in a process of technological change, change in technology solutions, knowledge or skills transfer, etc.

  • •Technological development: the design, development or improvement of products, the development and testing of specialized processes or devices, the improvement or development of technologies, facilitation and intervention, technology transfers, etc.

  • Information and training: the development of tailor-made training, competitive intelligence, information gathering, post-training monitoring and evaluation, market and feasibility studies, the organization of conferences and conventions, etc.




Closely associated with the college education network in Québec, CCTTs actively contribute to training the next generation through various activities and initiatives.

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