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local 320, Québec
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Center of expertise and transfer in organic and local agriculture


CCTT of the Cégep de Victoriaville



About CETAB+

Since 2010, the Centre d'expertise et de transfert en agriculture biologique et de proximité (CETAB +) of the Cégep de Victoriaville has been conducting applied research in organic crop production and providing technical, management and marketing consulting services to agribusinesses. It also offers training and coaching. It has been recognized as a College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTT) since 2014 and as a Technology access center (CAT) since 2011.

CETAB + is part of the National institute of organic agriculture, which unites education, research, technology transfer and incubation activities in agriculture at the Cégep de Victoriaville since 2018.

475, rue Notre-Dame Est
Victoriaville (Québec)
G6P 4B3

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Areas of expertise

Specific areas

  • Intervention sectors

    • Field and fodder crops
    • Vegetables and crops grown
    • Fruits and berries
    • Management and marketing
  • Specialization

    • Soil science
    • Plant sciences
    • Phytoprotection (weed science, entomology, phytopathology)
    • Agroecology
    • Agricultural economics

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  • Support of a marketing group in short circuit

  • Development of a rye adapted to act as groundcover for direct seeding without herbicide

  • Cultural control of apple scab using mechanical means and alkaline substances applied to litter

  • Comparison of two methods of non-chemical control of coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara L.) in field crops

  • The effectiveness of the ladybug Adalia bipunctata as a means of controlling aphids under exclusion nets in organic apple orchards

  • Networking farms, processors, distributors, retailers and biological advisors in Québec regions

  • Optimization of fertilization for the production of tomatoes in large tunnels

  • Development of functional biodiversity in apple orchards using floral strips

  • Development and validation of a minimum soil working system with permanent planks in organic market gardening

  • Assessment of the potential of five traditional apple varieties

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