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Any new or significantly improved material that provides a significant advantage in terms of physical performance (e.g. electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, optical properties) or functional performance (e.g. hydrophobic materials, self-healing materials, biodegradability, biocompatibility) compared to conventional materials. (Source: Les matériaux avancés: un secteur stratégique pour le Québec, June 2018, Pôle recherche Innovation Matériaux avancés Québec, PRIMA)


Scope of intervention

CCTT will be able to support you in these various fields

  • Source materials: zero or little processed materials upstream of the production line (production of materials)
  • Finished and semi-finished products: products intended for an intermediate or final user (integration of materials)
  • Methods and instrumentation: innovative processes involving advanced materials
  • Rapid prototyping

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