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What is the digital squad?

The Digital Squad Synchronex brings together several college centre for technology transfer (CCTTs) whose fields of expertise focus on digital. Thanks to our complementary expertise, the various CCTTs of the Digital SquadSynchronex are an unrivalled team for your digital transformation projects. It is by combining our knowledge that we can offer you support on all levels to solve your technological challenges. We care about your needs and that is why our approach is based on them. As we are not attached to any technological solution, we identify your motivations, your goals and your ambitions to assist you in the selection of software, digital procedures and in the resolution of your problems. We focus on what really fits your needs in order to help you reach your goals.


Fields of intervention

Fields of intervention

  • Industry 4.0

  • Logistics

  • Vision

  • Industrial robot

  • Computer vision

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Telecommunication

  • Data acquisition system

  • Augmented and virtual reality

  • Medical imaging

  • 2D and 3D Digital image processing

  • Web technology

  • Automation

  • Design and manufacture of mechatronic solutions

  • Applied optics

  • Applied photonics

  • Digital technologies

  • Physical technologies

  • Development and integration of intelligent solutions that rely on advanced technologies


Squad members

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