Success stories Diamond rollers for drilling equipment

Success stories

Diamond rollers for drilling equipment

Diamond rollers for drilling equipment

April 4, 2019


In business since 2000, VersaDrill Canada manufactures high quality multi-user diamond drills and drill heads. Being robust and safe, they offer great flexibility of use. The company is known throughout the mining world in 16 countries. CMQ has been working on some of the company’s projects since 2014.

Names of collaborators involved in this project

RIDD, Forage Rouiller, CMQ and the involvement of students from the Laval University, UQTR and Cégep Trois-Rivières.


With the downturn in the industry since 2011, the desire to innovate gave birth to the development of a new accessory that can be added to all drills (inner tube pullers) with a strength that can pull tubes from the soil during the drilling process. The challenge: using the new drill, which reduces effort and increases the drilling distance, the sliding of the tube continues when there is oil, water or other substances on the tube during extraction. The puller must be functional regardless of the conditions of use. The next challenges related to the Inner Tube Puller are mainly oriented towards mechanization and automation of its use. A project is underway at VersaDrill to obtain an autonomous drill.


The challenge of reducing or slowing down slippage has been entrusted to CMQ, which has developed the composition of a diamond coating (slip resistant). The Center used energy deposition production managed with its equipment unique to Canada. The role of these rollers is to mechanically extract the inner tube filled with rocks, for the least possible effort and greater length.


Benefits offered to the customer (on competent ground): Reduces back pain for employees, improves health and safety at work; Increases the number of meters drilled per shift, up to three times; Provides flexibility because it can be installed on all brands of drills; Reduced drilling costs; Saving water and its treatment, both underground and on the surface; Reduced fuel costs for remote drilling campaigns.

Benefits for VersaDrill: Product range diversification; Supply of a product of appeal, both for current and new customers; Increased sales of consumables; Strengthening of leadership position; Expertise enrichment through the research partnership with CMQ; Company spin off, RIDD was created for the development of diamond coating set on rollers and other innovative projects.

Benefits for CMQ – mining exploration sector: Visibility as a new partner of this industry; Customer diversification; Better understanding of their research and development needs; Development of expertise in diamond coating deposition; Leverage effects by the enrichment of knowledge applicable in other areas of activity; Development of an exploration expert center.

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