Success stories The accommodation of a person with disabilities in a company

Success stories

The accommodation of a person with disabilities in a company

The accommodation of a person with disabilities in a company

April 25, 2019


As part of the du Programme de soutien aux organismes de promotion, the Office des personnes handicaps de Québec (OPHQ) awarded us a grant to carry out this project, while contributing to the development and follow-up of the annual action plans carried out by municipalities, ministries and government agencies, including CISSS and CIUSSS.


Names of collaborators involved in this project

  • Association québécoise interuniversitaire des conseillers aux étudiants en situation de
  • handicap (AQICESH)
  • Conseil du patronat du Québec
  • Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec
  • Prêts, disponibles et capables
  • CASADEL Films



In 2016-2017, as part of an applied research project, CRISPESH and Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de la Montérégie-Ouest (CISSSMO) joined forces and expertise to develop strategies to promote the implementation of inclusive diversity management practices for people with disabilities. Several elements were identified as useful for improving the support offered to employers. However, the time allocated to the project was not sufficient to cover all components. CRISPESH continued, in subsequent efforts, the work initiated with its applied research project, in order to respond to this observed knowledge gap and bridge the gap between research and field intervention, by promoting the implementation of good practices. Our collected data reiterate the importance of taking into consideration all the actors involved.


People with disabilities have difficulty integrating into the labor market. Their professional inactivity, in addition to harming social inclusion, harms their physical, mental and financial health. Our project consisted of the design and production of video clips to raise awareness of the positive impact that the inclusion of a person with disabilities can have in a workplace. Specifically, our message focused on the fact that accommodation initially designed for an employee with disabilities can also be a good investment for the company and all of its other employees.



We produced two videos. One video was made on the benefits of accommodation, which aims to shed light on the prejudices that hinder the employment of people with disabilities and the reasons that prevent companies from having access to skilled human resources. The other video highlighted a positive experience of real inclusion at work of a person with disabilities. The campaign ran for more than two months and the impact of the knowledge disseminated in the clips was assessed quantitatively and qualitatively.


Our campaign has aroused interest among all those who have seen these videos. In the mid-term, we hope that the videos and reference guide we have made available to the public help to reduce prejudices and change employers’ attitudes and organizations’ practices in relation to accommodations for people with disabilities. By making more of a difference for people with disabilities in the labor market, we also aim to improve their sense of empowerment with respect to the disclosure of their disabilities and their accommodation requests.

CRISPESH sits on the Comité Consultatif Personnes handicapées (CCPH), our project supports the work done by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT) and Emploi-Québec.

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